Monday, January 31, 2011

Yo Ho......

Well, it's gone a bit quiet since our Bert has left we have had to get our levels of energy restored and get hunting out some trips to do.

Today Mandy and Gary went off to find a couple of secluded beaches that are only accessible by 4 wheel drive (which we have) and I have been reading up stuff and looking on the Internet to find a good place for us all to visit.

And here it is.

Scroll down to read the stuff about the lake fishing! Our plan is to charter a boat and head out to the floating bungalows (£12 per night to rent) and try a couple of days fishing. Apparently the scenery is amazing and there's plenty of wildlife about. Then morning starts when the gibbons start to howl!

The lake was created by a dam being built in 1980 which resulted in the flooding of villages. If you have your own gear (we have!) you can go Scuba Diving that will be interesting.

Tonight the girls are off to see the Simon Cabaret Show (which is the Ladyboy show) in honour of the Great Bert. Gary and I are off to see a rock band in Patong....and the gals will join us there later.

Yo's all go!!!

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