Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tony and the Ladyboys

You know how it is....you're out minding your own business, thinking about all the culture surrounding you...taking in the aromas of the delicate spices emanating from the multitude of restaurants....and then, you are grabbed by several very tall.....ladyboys!!

What do you do? Make a run for it? I don't think so. These long legged creatures wouldn't be easy to escape from. So, the advice? Just enjoy the moment...stand about, like tony, looking handsome and cool....and hope (or maybe you would hope?) that you won't be asked back to the hotel...ha ha. Maybe then those unused leg muscles MIGHT make a gesture of an effort to escape.

And would your best mate or Grandaughter to come to your assistance?? Nope? They'd just look on with knowing grins and pulling faces...and leave you to squirm your way out of the situation. Clive and Leah are not going to let Tony forget this for a VERY long time.

Ah...the pleasures of Patong.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Colin's First Dive in Thailand........

Colin Nappin (are you all reading this, Derby and Co?) took his first dive with me to day from the little beach of Yan Nui. However, as he's a fit young man, we were able to cross the half mile gap between the beach and a small offshore island by inflating our BCD's and finning out on the surface to preserve our air for the island dive.

Dropping down to 9 metres, I waited for Colin to break through the poor viz into the clearer water below....and here he comes

It was a lot clearer once we got under the first metres of poor viz created by the current travelling around the island.

Lots of starfish......I like these big blue and black hairy ones...

Now and then, inbetween the zillions of little fish, a bigger critter wanders out from the blue...

Look carefully in amongst the coral cracks and there's often a small moray eel to be seen.......

So, considering colin and Keith were out the lash big style the night before...well done to Colin for getting his act together and enjoying his first dive over here.

We'll try a few better ones now he's got back into his diving and hopefully get out on one of the local longtail boats and start exploring a few of the quiet islands.

The lads have gone off to Patong now to watch a Thai Boxing Tournament.......

Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Day After Boxing Day...Tradtional Sports.

Elephants at the Ready

Apart from the elephant trail that runs behind the house, there are three more 'safari's' on offer along the road from Rawai to Kata.

Each trip entails a wander into the 'forest' and over a few obstructions that can be pretty scary if it's your first time on an elephant.....

Tony got the sports model which was a high speed youngster, a bit like him, and together, along with the driver, they shot off into the lead.

Here's a delightful and colourful shot of the family out on safari in true colonial style....complete with sunshades.
The forest here runs high above the sea so the riders are treated to panoramic views out to the west.

What a great way to spend the Christmas holidays, riding about under the forest canopy on these impressive animals. From L to R we have Khun Naraseuan, Clare, Louise, Warren, Leah, Khun Manameer and Tony. There is a family quiz here of 'spot the Hayden'.....where is he????
These sunshades are just great.....

Tomorrow, 28th, it's all change as we are off to scuba diving from Yan Nui beach in the morning and then Thai Boxing in Patong.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas in Phuket..................Karon Beach and The Green Man, Chalong 2010

The simple pleasure of sitting on the beach...looking out to sea on Christmas Day. Perfect for the kids!

A happy Christmas Day on the beach for Hayden......and then joined by sister Leah.

Thai people love children....everywhere these two went they attracted attention...Ah; the proud Parents!

Christmas in Phuket is all about the beach of course. Sun, calm sea, sand...fresh fruit to eat whilst looking out to sea....what could be better. For those of you reading who have children, please be assured...Thailand is a safe country (well, as safe as anywhere can be....but of course vigilance is always required!!) with very pleasant beaches and, for MOST of the time.... no current.


Following the day on the beach, we moved to the Green Man Pub at Chalong, about a mile from the house. The Green Man is unashamedly British....complete with timbers, rough cast walls, old photographs of the 'home countries' and good old English grub.

This may seem madness....but it is not. It is astute business as many people, especially Ex Pats who are living here, enjoy a little reminder of Britain from time to time. Howard, the owner and landlord, does an excellent service here....and also made a pretty fine Santa Claus with his big booming voice and big presence.

L to R....Jai, Clare, Leah, Tony, Lousie, Hayden and Warren...Christmas Dinner!!!!

Leah samples a Christmas Cocktail.....just like the perfect young lady she is!

The Christmas Grub was perfect...turkey, stuffing and all the trimmings....followed by Xmas pudding. We were all stuffed.

Earlier in the day Jai and I went to a neighbour's house. They too had put on a full course Xmas Dinner and there were a few Thai people there. The Thais REALLY struggled to eat the food and asked me in amazement if this was what British people REALLY ate?? And if so, how??????

Ha Ha......massive difference in cultures, eh??
Nice bit of triffle this........................Happy Christmas Hayden.....

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Lift Off...the blog is working again

Hooray....we have lift off....at last.

Today is 24th Dec. Jai has been here since Nov 1st and the house has been fully booked ever since. She had a charming Honeymoon couple for two weeks in Nov and then two families came via our booking agent over here in Phuket for the last two weeks of November.

Since Dec 3rd Jai's been looking after fellow anglers Tony and Clive. I arrived on 11th Dec and the rest of Tony's family arrived on the 12th. Clive ran away (why, I wonder???) on the 10th...muttering summat about 'darn kids' and the need to be in an hotel next to the bar he'd decided was to be his main home for the holiday.....

Because Tony's daughter is here with her two little kiddies, the holiday has revolved around them. Parents of young children will fully understand this. (Most of us have been there, done that, run away etc etc). This means that there has been no fishing or scuba diving. Louise and Warren...the young parents...are keen to learn scuba but everytime we get in the pool, their kids jump on them, kick them or generally make outrageous demands which require INSTANT satisfaction. Doesn't this remind you all how bloody HARD it used to be???? Maybe someone wiser than me out there can tell me (and Louise and Warren) WHY do we get involved in having kids....eh?????


So, I have given up trying to get them diving and today Jai and I went off on our own to enjoy a terrific dive at Kata Beach. The water was clear and warm; stacks and stacks of fish....an hour's dive on only half a tank as it's shallow with no current and VERY peaceful, stress-free diving. Excellent. We then drove over the nearby hill to another beach...Yan Nui and had another 1 hour dive. Followed these two dives up with lunch on the beach...it really brings home why I wanted to be in Phuket for the cold winter months....fabulous!

If you have read any of the past blogs....you'll knw why I go on and on about the diving. If you're thinking of coming here....you MUST come!!! You will love the diving. I would enjoy teaching you. We have all the kit...it's nuts to miss out on this and you will NEVER get a cheaper chance than this to come on a holiday to to Thailand. Staying with me and Jai and using our dive gear is as near to having a free holiday as you are ever going to get. Yes, I KNOW you have to pay for the air fare...but £550 return (12,000 miles...= 21.81 miles to the £1 What's the current taxi rate where you live? Eh??????? Come on; get saving!!!!

Anyhow...this blog is now working...so I will get on the case and keep it updated.

The next two days are XMAS and Boxing Day and, because we have children here, we will be doing as near to a traditional Xmas as possible....we're off to an English pub tomorrow evening for the turkey dinner and even Father Xmas. Boxing Day is all silly games, and watching a silly pantomime laid on by ex-pats. Mad, eh?

But we will be on the beach first!!!!!!!

Enjoy your Xmas whatever county in good old UK you are shivering away in...just think...it COULD be you here next year!!!!!


Dec 24th. Testing, testing, testing. It's been a nightmare to get back onto the blog...technical hitch after technical hitch...who said computers made life easy???? Certainly not me. So; this is a test run....are you working? Over.