Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Day After Boxing Day...Tradtional Sports.

Elephants at the Ready

Apart from the elephant trail that runs behind the house, there are three more 'safari's' on offer along the road from Rawai to Kata.

Each trip entails a wander into the 'forest' and over a few obstructions that can be pretty scary if it's your first time on an elephant.....

Tony got the sports model which was a high speed youngster, a bit like him, and together, along with the driver, they shot off into the lead.

Here's a delightful and colourful shot of the family out on safari in true colonial style....complete with sunshades.
The forest here runs high above the sea so the riders are treated to panoramic views out to the west.

What a great way to spend the Christmas holidays, riding about under the forest canopy on these impressive animals. From L to R we have Khun Naraseuan, Clare, Louise, Warren, Leah, Khun Manameer and Tony. There is a family quiz here of 'spot the Hayden'.....where is he????
These sunshades are just great.....

Tomorrow, 28th, it's all change as we are off to scuba diving from Yan Nui beach in the morning and then Thai Boxing in Patong.

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