Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tony and the Ladyboys

You know how it is....you're out minding your own business, thinking about all the culture surrounding you...taking in the aromas of the delicate spices emanating from the multitude of restaurants....and then, you are grabbed by several very tall.....ladyboys!!

What do you do? Make a run for it? I don't think so. These long legged creatures wouldn't be easy to escape from. So, the advice? Just enjoy the moment...stand about, like tony, looking handsome and cool....and hope (or maybe you would hope?) that you won't be asked back to the hotel...ha ha. Maybe then those unused leg muscles MIGHT make a gesture of an effort to escape.

And would your best mate or Grandaughter to come to your assistance?? Nope? They'd just look on with knowing grins and pulling faces...and leave you to squirm your way out of the situation. Clive and Leah are not going to let Tony forget this for a VERY long time.

Ah...the pleasures of Patong.

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