Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Thai Culture. now I have been the proud owner of this house for nearly 3 years. During that time I have gained a bit of insight into Thai culture and I would be the first to admit I do not understand it at all.

During my time here the house prices have risen massively. The house next door is now stupidly priced at 20 million Baht which is about £440,000 with the current crappy value of our declining £. The houses aren't selling....they are too expensive by miles.

So, what is the solution? Well, the obvious one would be to drop the prices considerably to attract buyers. My house cost £140,000 3 years ago so how can an identical one now be three times the price in three years ? Madness.

But what do our Thai friends do???? They get three important monks to come to the Estate and visit the houses that aren't selling. Loads of people connected with the project turn up and they all give loads of food, money and other gifts to the monks who in turn bless the project and suggest ways that things can be improved.

Wait for it................right now, as I write, there are 5 poor little Burmese builders working right under the house next door...burying into the find the evil spirit that is supposedly lurking there are bringing bad luck to the house thus preventing its sale!!! When they find it, they have to drag it out....I ain't joking!! The Burmese workers think it's all nuts; the recent potential purchasers think it's madness and I scatch my head in bafflement as I take the poor lads sweating away under the house some water.

Insanity?? East and West opposites!!!

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