Friday, January 21, 2011

Kaw tawn rab su Phuket (Welcome to Phuket)

Yesterday Mandy and Gary plus Bert the Brick arrived at Phuket airport. The whole idea of staying at my house in Phuket is that guests are prepared to go adventuring. A car is a must (or be prepared to use taxi's). First stop was the car hire firm opposite the airport where Gary picked up his top of the range Toyota Frontier which will carry 6 people with ease.

Tradition (it's Gary's third visit here now) dictates a proper start to the holiday with fireworks and Kom Loi's (fire lanterns). Here are our illustrious adventurers, complete with Mistress-of Ceremonies, Saranwalai Chansongsri, setting off their 'start of adventures holiday Komn Loi's'.

Gary prepares for lift off.
Jai has used local no good semi ex-Pat Whittall as lantern holder while she prepares ignition.

Bert's approach to Kom Loi lift off is furtive to say the least. Difficult to imagine what his holiday wish will be???

Mandy and Jai get ready for lift off!!

It's gonna be a great holiday.....we all just know it!!

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