Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thai Cuisine

Thai food is world famous for its variety, colour, freshness and spice! Down at the Sea Gypsy village in Rawai there is a small but bustling fish market where the day's catch can be purchased as soon as it is landed. In between the fresh fish stalls are several fresh vegetable/spice stalls from where a fabulous selection of local produce is available.

The colourful spices and vegetables are there for us to choose.

Across the street are resturants where you can take your choice of fish to be Bar-B-Q'd

One firm favourite is the King Prawns. A kilo of these delicious critters is 700 Baht (£14) for the gigantic ones and 350 Baht (£7) per kg for the smaller ones which are about three times the size of ours back home. There were 5 of 2 kg seemed about the right amount...but you can always go back for more!
Here the team are waiting (impatiently) for the prawns to arrive.

Gary hadn't noticed that the prawns had been delivered and was busy licking the spicey sauce off his plate.

Gary noticed the prawns had arrived! Remember that animated film 'Finding Nemo'? The seagulls? 'Mine, Mine, Mine....'

Bert, Jai, Mandy and I were allowed one prawn each tho' so I don't want any of you lot out there reading this saying that our Main Man ain't a generous one!!
But what a treat. This is what this holiday is all about. Be a bit brave! Be adventurous! Thai's are meticulously clean and hygenic. You can eat at their little roadside stalls with confidence. An opportunity such as this one with all the fish and spices laid out fresh before you has to be grabbed.
Luch cost £15 for the prawns and £5 for the beers and cooking cost = £4 each!! Not bad, eh??
A truly memorable experience and one which I hope many of you coming over will enjoy......

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