Saturday, January 15, 2011

Pennys at The Zoo

The good thing about Phuket zoo for Skipper Colin Penny was finding one of his customers. Amazing how many of our angling lads get out here at this time of the year.

The Happy Family line up for their pre-zoo visit pose. Teresa, Selena and husband Kevin (from Wales!!!) Don't know their mate's name behind them.

Well, we all like different things in life. That's what makes us such a fascinating species for the animals to look at. I have severe problems with such zoos. I want to run around and cut the chains off everything. Seeing a tiger like this doesn't impress me....but then, if it was free it would probably get shot as the Chinese use the bile from the tiger for all sorts of balms and cures....which is why there are so few left in Asia.

Yep, and here's an elephant riding a bike. Mmmmm, not sure I should be writing this particular blog as my totally biased, negative opinion may be coming across.

...but our young guests enjoyed the trip and the pleasure of holding a tiger cub...........

...and feeding the elephants.
And here's some pretty fish.........

There are a couple of excellent nature reserves just to the north of Phuket where small bungalows can be rented amidst the stunning Karst formations, lakes and river. Nature trails take place at the reserve and there the animals roam free. So, if you are a nature and animal lover, there ARE some real treats in store for you here.

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