Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Phuket Fishing Park

Phuket Fishing Park

Phuket Fishing Park has been a real
great find for us. We are enjoying
some terrific fishing.....just take a look at these cracking fish!!
The location is scenic and has little bamboo shelters around it. Lunch and drinks will be brought to you as required.
Today the lads took on the gals. We were not concerned about the fact that we lads were superior in numbers (3) compared to the Lady's team (2). We were confident we could overcome such obvious disadvantages in our 'Numbers of Fish Caught' competition.

Oh dear, wrong again! We hadn't reckoned on our 'Fishing Virgin'
Mandy possessing such a hidden
talent. Here she is playing her first ever fish.....and these fish go crazy
with an extremely powerful fight.

Of course Gary was there to retaliate with a fine catfish........

Sneakily, the gals had the secret weapon in the Demon Fish Catcher known as 'The Jai'. Jai was soon into a hefty Siamese Carp to put the gals back in the lead.

But our trusty Bert 'el Brick was soon into one to level the scores.

Here's Bert with another good catfish........... he caught two!

And, supporting the lads with the day's biggest fish...Whittall of Weymouth!!!!
But we chaps had no chance. Those gals raced away with it....again!!!! The ladies totalled 9 fish and we three professional anglers caught five between us!!! Whittall was the most useless catching just one fish.

Interestingly our guide explained that the overcast conditions (which we chose as we thought they would be better for fishing) always resulted in a 'quiet' day. The best days are when there is no wind and the sun is blazing down! You see, it's always East and West...total opposites all the time. But it was terrific fun. We saw stacks of fish rising in front of us and often jumping clear of the water just a couple of feet in front of us.
This lake is going to provide all of you who come with some fishing you are never going to forget. It is amazing!!!

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