Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Simon Cabaret Show


Simon Cabaret Show, Patong, Phuket. Photo's courtesy of Super Snap Saranwalai Chansongsri, known in Paparrazi circles as 'The Jai'.

Mandy and Jai went to the Simon Cabaret show last night. This is a 90 minutes non-stop musical extraganza with the Ladyboys taking the audience on a musical tour of the world via the hits of famous female singers. The Introduction to the show tells you that this is going to be the best show of its kind you'll ever see.....and judging by the crowds the show pulls in with many people returning time and again.....then I guess they've got it dead right. There is no chance of getting in without pre-booking so that says a lot for the shows immense popularity.

After the show, there is the opportunity for the audience to meet and be photographed with members of the cast (note I choose my words well).

Here we have a charming visitor from Sweden flanked by two strapping Ladyboys.

And here (above) the gorgeous creature in pink is kindly pointing the way home to a bemused local lady.

C'mon, me dear, stop mucking about and get yer cash out...it's expected that 100 Baht is handed over to have your photo taken with any of these 'Ladies'.

Aha......Belles of the Ball....and the chap on the right (above) is in a Heaven of his own making with a magnificent replica of Lady Ga Ga on his right. Thailand has a reputation for Reconstructive/Plastic surgery second to none....judge for yourself, lads!!

And, as you say your farewells, the cast come out to wave you off.............

The Thai way to travel...into the Tuk Tuk and off to the depths of Patong to meet the lads for a Heavy Metal/Ear-drum numbing session in Rock City.

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