Friday, February 11, 2011


Fireworks.....too hard to capture them on dinky travel cameras..........

The 10 Festival at Wat Chalong (local Temple) concluded with a 45 minute spectacular firework display.

If a wealthy society shows its wealth through culture, then Thailand is rich indeed. Wealthy people like to show their wealth in Asian society through their generousity 'for the people'. One generous man bought 2,000 fireworks...big ones....from Thailand's award winning firework display company to round off the Festival.

Under advice from a local Thai family who own most of the hill behind us and the collection of rather exotic Thai style houses nestling on it, we made our way up the hillside to be greeted with free beers and a splendid view of the Wat Chalong grounds. Much better than being in the temple with 92 million other people!!!!

OK....the photographs do not do the display justice in any way....but it was a terrific sight and the fireworks were amazing!!

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