Monday, February 21, 2011

Derbies on Hols (Part 2)

Chloe decided that all this lazing about was no good for a finely tuned gymnast like she purchased the nearest thing she could find to do that hoola hoop type stuff gals like doing.

Cody was extremely impressed with her younger sister's eagerness for physical activity and joined in with the highly strenuous old 'thumbs up' routine.

After the morning's aerobics on the beach, it was back for a quick shower and photo session on the house (great how the plants are all getting a grip now all around the lagoon) before leaving for the Big Buddha trip and elephant riding.

Lagoon surrounding looking very nice now.

Mahoot Michael impresses with Cody on the way to handle an elephant.

Neti and Chloe took a more leisurely approach to the ride....Mahoot Mike and Circus Trainer Cody completed three laps though the jungle to Neti and Chloe's one..

Here's Mike and Cody re-emerging through the bush after their final circuit which included a couple of jumps as well.

After the was on to the Big Buddha project.

The Big Buddha project is coming on very quickly. Every trip sees statues, new buildings...

The scaffolding has all been removed now so the Big Buddha is starting to look very splendid.

The various Buddha images are becoming more artisitically placed for visitors to see.

Chloe has decided she's not leaving Thailand and is going to buy the house next door. Seriously, the World Economy is in such a dire strait that many building projects have ground to a halt and there are some drastic price reductions to clear bank loans etc etc.

The house next door to me was priced at 20 million Baht. We are currently getting about 50 Baht to the £ 20 million is serious money...£400,000. But, I was told today that one house must be sold for the Company's immediate financial needs and will drop next door to 12 million Baht....£240,000!! Big drop of 160,000 and the house is massive (4 double bedrooms, five bathrooms) with a great swimming pool.'s a golden opportunity to grab what is a very good bargain. No, I can't buy it.....the Jai and I are involved in another little two house building project near to the new marina being built in all those thinking I am a lucky lucky bugga, now's your chance to become one too!!!!

And how have our action loving family managing to do so much whilst we were scurrying around Grunteb?? They cleverly hired Gai as their chauffeur and she took them all over the a big thankyou to Gai!!!!!!!!

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