Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Chase away those winter blues

Some sunny type photo's to chase away the Winter Blues

I've looked at the UK forecast today and it ain't pretty, so I know you all need cheering up with a few photo's of a nice little resort we have discovered near to the house and which is open non residents.

Friendship Beach....nice name....is right on the sea with clear views to the nearby islands. There's a good pool which non- residents are also welcome to use, a resturant with a cheap but very good varied menu and, in the evenings, live music.

Here's Mandy posing with the sea and an island in the background...........

If you are reading this and cursing away 'cos of the weather you are suffering....then come here next season!! There's really no excuse or reason to suffer the cold.....you cannot get a cheaper holiday than this!!!

Patong is stacked with clubs playing live music...and it's very high quality stuff. Last night we visited Rock City and stayed for three hours of very loud, hefty rock...brilliant. Guns and Roses, AC/DC, Metallica, Rage Against the Machine....even a bit of Seal!

For those of you who cannot stand adrenelin creating, all action, get on your feet stuff then there is a Line Dancing Bar down the road or even some of that soppy Stick-Yer -Finger- in -your- ear type folkie music stuff nearby.

Molly Malone's Irish Bar will be our next visit. They have some great Irish bands there.....violins, mandolins, Irish Pipes etc....all electrified of course and played at the sort of volume required to froth up the head of yer Guinness.

And what's this I hear you ask???? This is a new project which 'The Jai 'is doing. There is a new Marina to be built in Chalong which is the town 2 km away from us. Jai bought a plot of land one minute's walk from the sea and this is the first of two houses she is having made. She hasn't got enough dosh for the second house so that will have to be done in a couple of years. This will be up for long term rate at a very cheap price.....about £400 PER MONTH!!! It will have air conditioning, TV and Internet facilities and be fully kitted out with two bedrooms and three bathrooms.
So, if any of you wanted a real cheap deal...you could have two of you renting with a room each which = £50 per week for your accommodation...then you cannot get cheaper than this!!!

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