Saturday, February 12, 2011

Scuba Diving at Kata Reef

After three weeks of coughing and choking (we put it down to the effects of hair spray Gary has been using since Christmas), Mandy finally felt up to having a dive....with just two days of her holdiay left!

Here we are...reminding ourselves how to put the diving bits together before braving the challenging conditions of the sea at Kata Beach. Current water temperature is....32 degrees!!!! Bit chilly, eh?

It's been so long since we've been diving that Mandy and I weren't sure if we had to go up or down. Here we are discussing the merits of going up.

Kata Beach reef is jammed pack full of life. It's a great place to have a very easy but very scenic dive. There's lots of things to see that cannot be seen easily found on the offshore dive sites. We were very fortunate to watch a family of the rarely seen Leaf Fish...fascinating fish that are very hard to tell apart from a submerged blade of grass or slender leaf.

There's always a large puffer fish lurking under a bit of coral.....

There's always the need for caution which is why it's important to maintain buoyancy control and keep a few feet off the don't want to land on these buggars as they sting...badly; VERY badly...and the stone fish is brilliant at camouflage.

It's a case of 'Hello, Goodbye' for Mandy's diving this year....bit of a nuisance getting a heavy cold.....not good for diving. I wonder if Mike's family will be courageous enough to don the gear...or will it be ice-creams around the pool all day???? If so, I will have to join the PADI boats and go to sea....gotta get some dives in!!!!

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