Monday, February 2, 2009

SNOWBOUND in UK!!!.......

Today we are waiting the arrival of 5 of our guests for their 3 week holiday with us here in Phuket...but...they ain't gonna make it on time!

I see on the TV that England is hammered by snow and that the travel systems are down. Planes from Heathrow are delayed and connecting flights are being missed. Poor Mark and Fiona (Alderney Angling) can't even escape from Alderney to get to planes, no boats and certainly no trains.

Close to the house is Wat Pra Naga Gert (Birth of the Serpent). It's the site of the world's biggest Buddha which dominates the Phuket skyline and looks across the southernmost part of the island. This is Sonja and John on their final day. We drove up the mountain at 7am when the weather is at its coolest and ideal for sight seeing. It's well worth a trip ....a major piece of Thai Culture just a few minutes away.

Thai people love animals. There's something about the animals here...they seem genuinely 'laid back' and very friendly. Our house has regular visitors of little dogs and kittens. Our Thai neighbours like small pets........and Sonja fell in love with the neighbors kitten.

Khun Jane launches her pet dog (don't ask me what species it is....a dog is a dog) on the lilo on the swimming pool. The dog just accepted that it was going for a ride on problems, no panic...........they're just such easy going pets!

Dog in the pool looking perfectly chilled.
I imagine that most of you are all well hacked off with the weather back home. My fellow charter skippers send me emails of despair and've just GOT to escape next winter and come'll love it..but please be quick to register interest...I'm not joking...if you wait to long all next 'winter season' will be gone because so far everyone who has been has asked to come back..............
email me if you think you may be interested!!!

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