Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Kayaking with John Gray


Here we are ready for a day's kayaking amongst the amazing Karst formations in Phang Nga
Bay, North-east Phuket. Janine, Bos, Fi, Whirlwind Mark and Jai.

The approach to the Karst scenery is made on a large boat which carries the kayaks. The scenery is amazing. As can be seen from the picture on the right, Kayaking amongst this incredible scenery is not for everyone......the ladies are banned from talking for fear of scaring the wild life. Imagine that gentlemen! No talking allowed...peace and tranquility for the whole day. Bliss! But...question, chaps. Do any of you believe the gals observed this rule????Dream on!

The food on the boat was great. We were extremely well looked after by our Thai crew members throughout the day. Middle photo shows what the scenery is like once you kayak through the caves into the middle of the karst mountains. They open out into a lagoon which is a haven for nature....sea eagles circling above, fish jumping, crabs jumping about on the mud flats, monkeys on the shore line....it really is like entering an untouched world.

The intrepid crew on their way to another set of caves. Don't get the wrong idea...after we were 'shown around' we were free to go off on our own...but no photo's of this as Mark couldn't behave and spent the entire time hurtling all over the place, ramming everyone and soaking anyone within range....so much for the observation of mature and strict rules.....and far too dangerous to get your camera out!!!!

Very good to meet Mark's kindred spirit inside one of the karst lagoons!!
This was a great day. We kayaked into the night and took part in a Thai tradition of launching small flower decorations onto the sea....appeasing the water spirits. The sea is lit up with natural phosporance, the caves sparkle at night with natural crystal formations that look like gigantic diamond stalactites...it's a trip well worth doing when you come!

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