Friday, February 27, 2009

Bit of a different week this week to say the least.
3 years ago Jeff and Silly Willy from Dartford came to Thailand for a 3 week holiday...........and met two Thai ladies who worked in the Dive Resort where I was based in Karon, west coast of Phuket.
And...just a week ago they were married in Buriram which is a small town to the east of Bangkok and very near the Cambodian border.
Here comes the Mrs Silly Willy
As ever the Thai people made us foreign guests very welcome. They were all up (including the brides) at 3am on the wedding day getting all the cooking prepared. Thai cooking takes place in seconds but the preparation is extremely lengthy...even the spices for the day are freshly ground in a mortise and pestle (if that's what it's called!)
Willy's sons flew over from UK and there were a number of Willy and Jeff's new ex-pat friends who are mainly making their living out of rubber trees (stop laffing; I'm being serious!)

Here the 'Holy Man' is putting bits of string and flowers and other stuff on the bride and bridegroom's head....the string also winds around the various bits of symbolic it binds the couple together in this life, the next and in all dimensions...(hmmm).
Don't they look jolly?
Willy's married into a small family...mostly female...and they all wait on him hand and foot. He spends his days reading in the shade whilst being fanned by a succession of Yen's sisters whilst being offered chilled beer by any sister free at the time.
Retirement, eh? Who'd want to suffer like this. Sadly the ladies won't let Willy do any of the cooking or housework....very strange race, the Thai's.
And here's Jeff (he's the one of the right of the photo) with Om, his new wife. Pretty ain't she?
And now the four of them have arrived here for their honeymoon.
..and they all want to learn diving! Now this should be very entertaining. put your fevered minds at rest...yes, we will also be going fishing sometime next week!!

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