Saturday, February 21, 2009


Rocky outcrops with rough seabed bottoms; long sandy beaches; very attractive scenery....and warm water to jump into..................These are 3 of the beaches within 15 minutes of the house.

Titan Trigger Fish...extremely hard fighting and armed with serious teeth!!!!

Chequered Seaperch and Bridled Spinecheck (bottom)

A double shot on a paternoster rig.

Monocle Bream...caught on prawn

Reggie Clough with a pufferfish. These fish fight like crazy and then blow right up when landed. Their spines are sharp....very sharp...and get sharper the more they expand.

Today, Sunday 22nd Feb, Reggie and Dave leave us to return to UK. They have fished...and fished...and fished. Every day they have been out there on different marks that we have investigated and tried on different states of the tide. Mark Harding has leapt into the sea at every and any opportunity with his mask and fins on and done us all proud with his explorations...locating and identifying the fish and giving us an idea of the seabed. We have also donned the scuba gear on several occasions to go deeper and see what's down there at greatr depth.

Our conclusion's much better to cast short and stay in the 6m to 10m depths. As you go deeper the fish get less.

Thanks to the expertise of our International anglers, we have tried a whole range of tackle techniques and methods which have now been logged by me to pass onto our future visiting anglers. Basically, though, it's the cheap and simple paternoster rigs that have worked best...with 40lb or 50lb snoods as everything is armed with savage teeth that will simply obliterate anything too light. The hooks have been mainly size 1 or 2 and they MUST be strong hooks or the fish will simply bite them in half!!

All the tackle is available in the shops here....the only thing that is much more expensive than UK is the bring a reel or two. Rods here are cheap to buy and I have a few now. We can get all the leads and terminal tackle easily.

We still have masses to learn but we are getting there and getting results. Some of the places we are fishing are very attractive places to is also worth bringing strong shoes (trainers) as we are fishing some pretty tricky places to get to. The rocks are lined at the water's edge with very sharp shellfish so, if you wanted to go in and snorkel, you need either to wear your shoes in the water (so you don't cut your feet getting in and out) or bring some diving boots.

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