Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Shore Experts Arrive!!

Sunday....15th already. I know what you're saying...that Whittall..gets the blog going and we're all hanging on his every word and then he doesn't bother for days!! Ha! Well,'s busy here!! Plenty going on....quite amazing how much time I spend each day from the time the earliest riser gets bouncing about until the latest party- goer rings up for a lift home from the favoured place of entertainment that night!

Janine and Bos are up in the North of Thailand now. They've rented a car and a guide for £40 per day and are heading towards Laos for a little trip over the board...well, they always were the adventurous ones.

Reg Clough and Dave Lovelock have arrived and immediately joined forces with Mark Harding of Alderney Angling. Along with Fiona the lads were on Rawai Pier yesterday afternoon and into the evening. The shore angling is going to need some unravelling but with Reg and Dave here it WILL happen.

Yesterday's results were encouraging especially as the locals catch virtually nothing. Reg and Dave are highly experienced shore anglers and have a vast depth of knowledge and experience to apply to any shore situation. The rigs they came up with which worked are not the sort the average angler would think of. I have a lot to learn from them as it is my intention to encourage you to come here for the fishing and I need to learn everything I can to pass on to you guys when you come.

Grauvell, sponsors of my tackle on Offshore Rebel, are sponsoring the tackle to come here to Thailand and next season here will see me bringing lots more gear here for you all to use.

The next 10 days will be all about fishing, fishing and more fishing. Were are going to unl0ck the secrets of Phuket's shore fishing. Eventually what we are up to will appear in the angling magazines back home.

With Mark's knowledge of tackle and his fishing skills combined with Reg and Dave's expertise couple with my amazing charm and driving skills...this should be a fun and productive week.

The next blog won't appear until next Wednesday at the earliest as I have to leave the lads for a few days to go to Silly Willy's wedding in some out of the way place to the east of Bangkok...and I go soon on a 20 hour bus ride to get to him....what I do for your gentlemen, eh????

Enjoy the weather boys...I see that this weekend the winds are calm so maybe you will get a chance for some fishing??? Thanks to everyone for keeping in touch and the kind comments about the bog and I am very happy so many of you are indicating that you'd like to come here!!!

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