Saturday, February 21, 2009

Mission...Boat Fishing Trip; Rawai Beach; Phuket, Thailand
Date-time Group 21st...02....2552 BE

Andy Cummings, Captain of Poole based Silver Spray, takes condensed vitamin bar before launch....

Our Captain

After much searching we have found a friendly alien who will co-operate with us and allow us to experiment...and puts the anchor in..

Captain Tan Wan......with his beloved longtail vessel

The team assemble..L to R..Mr Mark Dynamo Harding of Alderney Angling; Mr Andy 'I'm not interested in Totty' Cummings, Captain of Poole based Silver Spray; Mr David Lovelock, EFSA England International and Mr Reginald Harding, true English Gentleman and fellow EFSA England Shore International...the only group who can empty any bar...of everybody....and over here that is HARD!

The tide's we gotta get this buggar out to sea a bit and float it.........................

The boys are off...heading's 5 pm and they are out until they return....that's how boat bookings are like with our excellent skipper.
The boat is best with four maximum so Fiona and I graciously opted out and retired to the nearest beach bar where we are in the process of getting extremely drunk whilst waiting for the boys to return. I am trying to write this blog but Fiona keeps cracking lurid jokes which is making it hard for me to concentrate....I will give a full report on the results of this latest enterprise tomorrow......

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  1. G'Day Paul et all,

    Looking forward to the boys report with baited breath, could it be more mullet and wrasse for Mark?

    All the best from the land down under, Rog