Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thai Cultural Show

Last night we went to a Thai cultural show......and it was AMAZING. I have tried unsuccessfully to encourage our guests to take a look at this show but without much success which I admit baffles me a bit. Surely part of coming 6,000 miles to a totally different country is to learn a little bit about the culture. My paulsthaihouse web site, cleverly designed by Dave Gibson in Weymouth, has a load of links that will take you deep into Thai culture if you wish to spend a bit of time researching what's on offer here. Anyhow, I was not allowed to take photographs inside the show so please take a look at this link Make sure you click into the PHUKET not Bangkok theatre.

This is a new show in Phuket and the grounds surrounding the theatre will be full of added attractions. There's already a replica of the Bangkok Floating Market and examples of Northern and Southern Thai style must have cost £millions to create this project and by the time I return in December, I would expect the project to be nearly completed.

If you are coming to stay next's really worth including this on your itinary. we are...we arrived 2 hours before the show was due to start and had been sampling the local food delicacies on offer....and a variety of Thai Herbal Whiskeys....and now Jen is learning how to make a fish (good gal) out of bamboo leaves or whatever.

There's an impressive array of souvenir shops inside the theatre complex...just right for that last minute shopping before returning home....

And here's the gals surveying the bits 'n pieces they've bought for the lucky folks back home.

On the way in (and out) a muscial quintet play an array of traditional Thai's a very pleasant evening and the show is SPECTACULAR. You WILL be blown away by the effects in this spectacle...I guarantee it.

This was the final night for Bob, Cath and Jen....they leave tomorrow and they have been perfect adventuring everyday and packing in as much as possible....excellent.

So, this is the end of my 'winter season' as far as guests are concerned. It's been hectic to say the least. I have had a brilliant time these past four months and learnt a lot more about Phuket and Thailand in general...although I would be the first to admit I am only just scraping the surface.

Today, Thursday, after Bob and Co leave us, I am off to school for another two hours lesson of trying to learn to read and write Thai and after that I'm giving a diving theory lesson to a charming Singaporean family of four. Tomorrow, Friday, Ai arrives (Ai is the Japanese Ladies' Freediving record holder) and we (Jai, Ai and me!) aim to do some diving together at the weekend. On Monday I have a day lake fishing with our illustrious EFSA World President, Mr Horst there's plenty still to do before boarding that plane back to UK on Wednesday.

The house is booked from April 1st to Nov 31st this year with an Australian Company and then the next Dec 2012 to March 2013 'winter season' is already REALLY busy....but there are a FEW room slots still left. Flights are cheap at the beginning of December (£550 max) and the first booked guests do not arrive until mid there's a golden opportunity to have a pre-Xmas break at the cheapest prices!!! 3 weeks, for example, cost £600 for flights and £100 each for accommodation (sharing a double room) £900 for three weeks!!

Go For It!!!!!

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