Monday, March 12, 2012

Koa Sok National Park

I can't imagine going to a country without a Lonely Planet Guide accompanying me. Lonely Planet (or Rough Guide series) Guides are available for every country in the world and they are not just brilliant for the amount of information in them but they are ESSENTIAL if you want to get the best out of your holiday. Buy one a month before your holiday, turn off 'East Enders' and read the bloody some research...get a grip!!

Then there is 'Google'. Just stick Koa Sok into Google and wait for the info to appear before your eyes...or, to get you started, just click this link and off you go!!

Koa Sok is so photographic that it's difficult not to keep taking stacks of photo's. Remember the pre-digital camera days of the rolls of film we used to waste?? Digital cameras are a massive plus for us travellers...and the photographs many of you come back with are fantastic. Capt'n Bob is a fine here's a few of his scenery shots.

Early morning is very nice with the mists forming inbetween the Karst mountains...

Transport around the lakes is pretty basic.....and that's all part of your adventure.

There's 11 (I think) floating 'villages' on the lake for guests to stay in overnight or for several days. The villages are either 'noisy' or 'quiet'. The Park is very popular for Thai school and University trips and for working Thais (usually from Bangkok...upper class
...and really charming people) and they tend to favour the 'noisy' floating villages with a party atmosphere and, wait for it, drinking at the weekends....(no, not the school kids). So, you have to make the decision of either going to a quiet village or joining in with the Thais. The advantage of the 'noisy' floating villages is that you will meet lots of Thai people who are either in education or are 'educated'. This means they are not just happy but keen to converse with you in English. English is the World's language and we, as Native English speakers, are blessed with what is arguably the most important 'qualification' anyone could possess...the English Language. And the Thai people you will meet here are an absolute pleasure to be with...extremely polite, charming, fun's an ideal way to have the chance to meet and talk to Thai's.

Very early morning shot of the lake, the mountains and the mist. You just have to get up early in Koa Sok as it is such an inspirational place for all photographers and nature lovers.

The day is now under way. Apart from bird and animal spotting, and partying at night (if you chose a party village) there's swimming, fishing and kyaking in the can just go off and do your own thing.

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