Monday, March 12, 2012

Capt'n Bob and Co

Captain Bob and family have been here since March 5th.....and now there's only 3 days left until they go back to UK....and I've put nothing on here about what they have been up to!! This is because they, Like Roger and Mary, have embraced the idea of going off ADVENTURING.

A car was rented on the first day and Capt'n Bob, wife Cath and daughter Jen were soon off for a three day trip to the Koa Sok National Park. Bob particlularly enjoys seeing wildlife and the Park is a haven for birds in, it's good to have proper binoculars and a good camera. There's plenty to see and photograph.

Thailand has an impressive variety of birdlife and there are some big critters flying about here. The world's largest sea eagle lives here...with a wingspan of 3 metres.....and we get them fishing in the lagoon behind the house now. In fact, since we have been here, the bird life by our lagoon has steadily increased.

Stuff just seems to grow in Thailand overnight....there are zillions of different plant varieties to enjoy. The good thing for me with so many different people coming to stay is the variety of interests you all have. It means I am constantly learning about new things and what is on offer in the Phuket and north of Phuket area....things I would not necessarily have sought out without the interest of you guys to motivate me. I'm not really into birds, plants etc....but it's great when real enthusiasts come to stay and can hold forth on such subjects. I can now recognise this's a pink one!

We are getting a few of these birds fishing in the lagoon....but these are taken out at Koa Sok. I have featured this Park several times in the Blog as it is a very impressive place to visit. A large dam was made in the 1980's so a massive part of the Koa Sok valley was flooded....with all sorts of waterborne life now combining with the animals lurking in the dense jungle. I kinda thought the tourist stuff about how many animals could be seen was hype....and so far I haven't seen any animals 'in the wild' when I've been to the Park. But then I crash about and have no idea how to spot shy creatures which are doing their best to stay hidden. Bob and Co have the knowledge...and they have come back with all sorts of stories and photographs from their adventure.

Apart from little things, there's always the elephants to enjoy...

Nice shot of a herd down by the river.

Lik everything, it's all about the effort you put into your holiday as to what you will gain from it. Saying that, though, there's nothing wrong with just coming over here and just 'chilling out' but this winter our guests have been very keen to 'do stuff' and not just sit around the place. Excellent...that's why I set this place a base for your personal adventures.

These 15 weeks have flown by for me. We've all done so much this 'winter'. There's just a week to go before I return to Weymouth and the fishing......but no problem there's great to come home to a place that you love and to a job that has to be the best one on the planet??????

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