Sunday, March 4, 2012

Jung Ceylon

Before it was named Phuket, this tropical paradise of an island was called Jung Ceylon. There's a massive shopping centre deep in the heart of the mad tourist centre of Patong. poured with we thought we'd better do some indoor exploring...hence The Jai and I going to this shopping centre...Jung Ceylon!!

Luckily Jai hates shopping as much as, after a bit of a wander around...and then a nice Thai dinner....we found ourselves in an excellent Irish Bar!! As we entered, the band struck up with a fine medley of jigs and reels. Now ain't Irish music the business??? Jigs 'n reels are guaranteed to brighten the rainiest day...which is what I guess they were designed to do back in rainy old Ireland.

And the drinks menu....well, the Irish just KNOW how to do it!!

Inbetween the music and the Guiness (which was excellent), I wandered around the pub a bit...and sure enough, there was the ubiquitous bike hanging from the ceiling......

And what Irish Hostelry, stuck in the middle of a Thai shopping Centre, wouldn't have a few items to provoke fond memories of the Dear Homeland....????

What did The Jai make of it all?? Well, she jigged all over the place to the music...downed several large whiskeys...knicked the bike and rode home in the downpour......Ah, Irish Blarney...can't beat it!

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