Thursday, March 1, 2012

Kata New Road and the Phuket Glitterati

A couple of days ago Jai and I were given V.I.P tickets to attend the opening of a new Italian Restuarant in Kata. The press, stunning Thai (lady!) models and various important Phuket dignatories were there to welcome us and the other invited guests...the creme de la creme of Phuket High Society, you understand (ha ha ha).

There's so many new developments going on in Phuket that it's hard to keep up with its ever changing face. This new restaurant is on a brand new road..Kata New Road. The road and all the new up-market businesses opened the same night (25th Feb) and it was a pretty impressive spectacle.

Anyhow, this new restaurant is owned by four major share holders; two of whom are the financial backers of the Phuket Private Lagoon estate that my house is on and another of whom is none other than Gae.

Here is Gae. She's 28 years old and has risen like a meteorite in Phuket Business Society. It is her intention, so she tells me, to have 20 million Baht (£4 million) in her bank by the time she is 40. She, like many Thai's, is money obsessed. The saying here is 'Money First, Buddha second'. Well, I'm sure we all have our own opinion about that but whatever my view, I have to admire this young lady who is 'driven' to succeed. Gae is the Project Manager of Phuket Private Lagoon, is one of the share holders in Offshore Rebel Co.Ltd (Thailand) and has also recently started her own 8 house project in Rawai and is involved in a multi-million Baht housing project in Koh Samui.

This has all come about through the generousity and foresight of EFSA President Horst Sneider who recognised Gae's talents and sent her to University in Bangkok to study Business Development and Accounting. Horst was on hand to give one of the welcoming speeches to the guests...and it's worth pointing out that it was Horst who secured the two year contract with a top award winning Italian Chef to be the Head Chef at this new restaurant. Ah, wheels within wheels, eh...and a lengthy arm of influence.

Throughout the evening there was entertainment with plenty of Thai Culture on show with performances from the Thai version of the Indian Epic 'The Ramayana' and music and dancing from different parts of Thailand. It was an impressive two hour expense spared!

I enjoy Thai culture. Everyone has their own likes/dislikes when on holiday but I am surprised as to why hardly any of our visitors shows much interest in the culture of this country. There's a new show in town...and it's stunning. So far only Mandy has wanted to come along and see it.....and she (and Jai and I) loved it. Why come all this way to a totally different Culture and show no interest in it??

Anyhow, hope you enjoy the photographs......Happy Days.....

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