Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Longtails Ahoy

Capt'n Bob, Cath and daughter Jen have been off doing their own thing these past couple of days aboard Captain Tawan's (our excellent Thai skipper) longtail boat.

This has been all about diving with our Captain taking our guests to 4 different Islands over the past 2 days....and here are our two intrepid explorers, photographs courtesy of Jen, surveying the area before donning the scuba stuff.

Cath makes ready to enter the water.

Here's a couple of shots of the 'areas' chosen for the can see that even way out to sea, on an uninhabited Island, there's always the chance of seeing a Thai person praying to Buddha. Thailand is a land full of massive respect for Buddha...

Just imagine how scenic the dives were off these two islands...

Very nice, eh?

Sorry, underwater stuff to show you. Disaster struck on Monday when I was with Bob and Co.....the cord tieing my underwater camera to my BCD must have parted....and neither I or anyone else noticed my camera floating away from me underwater......bugga!!! That little Lumix camera and I have have had some very good times over the past ten years...and sadly the most recent photographs of our day's shore fishing at Kamala on Sunday and our dive on Monday have gone forever.....I am now in the market for a good underwater camera????????

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