Saturday, December 24, 2011

Xmas Eve...Sunshine Bar, Rawai

Welcome to the Christmas Eve Party at the Sunshine Bar in Rawai, our favourite fun bar.

And it's Jai opening the welcome with a well timed Thai Dance...

....before the Cabaraet Show begins.

Om and Jeff cuddle up to Brian, our heroic beach front land grabber/settler from New Zealand. With scant regard to local traditions, Brian just selected a piece of what will become prime beach frontage at Chalong....and started building on it 10 years ago. It was a courageous move and it has required a degree of shotgun standoff tactics.....but now the local Government has officially recognised Brian's landgrab...and he's going to get to keep it all!! Maybe it's something to do with the trips on his yacht he offers to the 'right' people????

And here are our charming hosts for the evening...(L to R) Om (Jeff's wife); Jai (strange person from Pitsanalok); Nong (Brian's wife) and standing, Peeyan (works for local Government...jolly useful lady to know!!)

Steve and Janey had got waylaid in the Tamarin Bar back up in Chalong....but our International Lothario, Keith turned up with this hot little number called Som...who announced she was gonna give him a Xmas Night he'd never forget. They haven't got up you'll have to wait until I've interviewed them to see if Som lived up to her promise and if Keith survived it....

We were treated to plenty of fireworks, music, laughter and erotic dancing throughout the evening....and then Father Christmas turned up...complete with dazzling blonde Swedish helper...

The Bar Mama, Khun Wallet Watcher, never misses a thing. She and her staff are SO on the ball.....there was no chnace of us scarpering in Santa's Tuk Tuk without paying the bill......

.....and now it's about 10 am on Xmas Day...the troops are slowly beginning to stir...we are off to neighbours for an extremely long Xmas lunch/dinner which I fear could end in yet another afternoon/night of drunken oblivion.

Yo Ho; Merry Xmas everyone

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