Friday, December 23, 2011

A Day at The Lake

Mr Jeff Whittard, Bristol Fairy, has complained that whenever he goes bassing, there's never any fish and he returns home fishless. I tell him that there are thousands of bass 'out there' but that he is useless.

Mr Steve Thorne, master of sink waste systems, is at the other end of the spectrum. Whenever Steve fishes onboard Offshore Rebel he catches...'shed loads'.

So, it was to be an interesting day at the Phuket Game Park with the lake currently stocked with over 7,000 fish! Therefore, the first part of Jeff's demands had been met.....thousands of fish in a confined area...leaping out of the water to prove they existed. Even Jeff had to admit that there were indeed stacks of fish to be caught.

Mr Steve Thorne got stuck in immediately with a fine carp...

Fishing next to us was Adrian from Gloucester. Adrian and his friends were catching a mixture of piraya, catfish, including this fine red tailed catfish, and carp.

Captain Whittall of Weymouth was having fun with regular runs as big fish took off with the legered bread's one of the day's catfish.

Some cracking carp to 15kg were being caught from the various 'swims' around the lake.

Captain Whittall was adding to the variety with toothy paraya to 5kg...

Mr Thorne was all smiles as he bent into another lively rod bender.......

...and here he is with a very nice catfish...

It was a lively day with plenty of fish coming from all around the lake, plenty of runs and 'dropped fish', line bite offs and hooks bitten in half! These are fierce critters with very impressive teeth!!

And Mr Jeff Whittard??? Caught nothing. Yes, nothing! Out of the 7,000 rampaging fish.....he caught not one single fish.......!!!!!

Highlight of Jeff's day?? Catching a tree...which he did extremely well.

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  1. i cant believe that after watching jeff for many years hauling fish in the english channel that he let "crusty" aka steve thorne out fish him!!! must be old age creeping up on him!! DERBY xxx