Friday, December 23, 2011

Adventure Islands

Today was 'sea trip to a couple of offshore islands' day. The various boats for fishing, diving and tripping all go from nearby Chalong Pier. Janey was delighted to get Steve away from the damn fish and claim him for the day.....see how merry she is??

First stop was the very beautiful Coral Island which is great for snorkling and enjoying lunch and a few drinks on the beach.

Coral Island is their favourite island and so they have purchased a charming beachside property, shown here, for a mere £7.53.

The Islands Day is a long they are waiting for the sun to dip before heading back to Chalong and a seafood banquet on the sea shore....

...and there, ready to join us for two weeks, was our Hero, Keith! Welcome to our International let the fun and games commence.We are up to full strength full...and adventures occuring!!

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