Sunday, December 25, 2011

The new Pagoda

It's a bit exposed by the house, this year's plan was to have a nice, shady pagoda built. Soon we will be able to have breakfast, snacks and evening drinks by the pool. Don't we ex-Pats live well??

Anyhow, here we have photo of the Thai workforce grafting away.

And here, we have 'The Jai' sweet talking the boss of the Building Company' she's trying to extract a bit of commission for herself.

First phase is done...the support columns are up. The lads are tidying up by washing all the excess concrete onto my flower beds...yep, just the same here as back home...bloody, messy builders.

Now, Xmas Day, we are well into phase 2. The roof girders are going on....this is gonna be a STRONG pagoda...but it has to be as we have plenty wind here and stacks of rain in the Monsoon period.

Good to see the Thai's work over Xmas period. And our current guests?? Fast asleep after far too many G and T's last night....rascals, the lot of 'em!

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