Sunday, December 11, 2011

....and for the Ladies

The Mari Timo...Charter boat Luxury for the Gals

Here she is...pristine and sparkling...ready to go to the next pontoon for G and T's and a bit of posing.

Flying Deck controls in comfort. Note how The Jai does not wear yellow oilskins, sea boots, woolly bobble hat when sitting on this white leather upholstery, fondling gleaming controls.

TV Saloon.....galley off to starboard...the vessel has 3 crew plus a full time lady chef!!!

Three quality en-suite bathrooms. See how happy The Jai looks...she ain't ever gonna want the facilities aboard Offshore Rebel again!

Top notch cabins, double beds, all with TV's and Hi Fi's'; shiny woodwork, this REALLY a charter angling boat. How long would it last back home???

Are we envious??? In a word....YES!!!!

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