Monday, February 1, 2010


OK............for sure I have spelt it wrong...but there you go.

Last Night was Komloi Night. The photo shows a Komloi having achieved
'Lift Off'.......

Komloi's are big as you can see from the photo. They require at least two people....preferably tall...otherwise a step or a ladder is required!
The spirit soaked wax 'candle' is lit and the hot air from it slowly fills the very light paper 'body' of the Komloi. It's important to get it right! If lift off is not achieved smoothly then the Komloi will tilt as is rises and catch fire...then burn and crash.............thus one wish is lost!!!

Here, Captain John Pearce (ex UK charter skipper, living in Phuket) and our one of guests Lyn Morrish from Poole prepare Lyn's Komloi for lift off!

John being the tallest was chief being helped by Jai and Phat prepare Dawn's Komloi.

Dawn's Komloi just about ready for lift off...Jai and Phat holding it steady....waiting for the moment!

And now Mandy Chard's Komloi achieves lift off.....

The gals are really getting in on the act stoppping 'em. Lyn's now chief Launch Assistant.........

The Thai ladies expertly prepare the all important initial stage.....the careful unfolding of the delicate Komloi and fixing the 'fuel system' in place ready to ensure a smooth take off and lengthy flight.

The Komloi's travel a very long way and achieve great heights before running out of fuel.

The evening was rounded off with fireworks and BBQ. I think we'll make this Komloi evening a regular welcome for you all when you's something different and a great way to introduce you to a bit of Thai Culture and fun..........very enjoyable.

Could you imagine doing this back home????? Nope; I didn't think so...a simple tradition like this would bring the Emergency Services to immediate Response Level.............

We now have four guests. Gary and wife Many Chard, Lyn and Dawn whose husbands will be ariving from their ski-ing holiday in Switzerland next week........

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