Sunday, February 21, 2010


You've got to hand it to him. After last night's ridiculously bad behaviour with the local gals and copious quantities of Chang Beer, Steph was up early today and raring to go.

Today's plan was to visit the Phuket Fishing Park and try for
some of the various exotic creatures lurking in it.

Steph was joined by Paul Bridson, who has now been here for 30 days and refuses to go home,
and charter skipper Clem Carter. They will be featured when I've got their photos off their phones etc....

The lake has several guides. Steph had the company of Khun X who is an extremely enthusiastic angler (and a Chelsea supporter???). Khun X showed us the size of fish that Steph was going to catch...yeah, yeah, yeah...we've heard it all before!

But....good news all you freshwater's true!!! The fish are monsters and the 3 lads caught 15 fish between them with Steph landing an 11kg carp as the best fish of the session.

There's some pretty impressive beasts in the lake including paku, koi, catfish, giant arapima plus the various species of carp. There's a LOT of fish in the lake and they are very hard fighters.

All the tackle can be hired; the bait is supplied and tuition is given. This costs £26 (1,300 Baht) for the day 0800 to 2000. The lake has little huts around it to provide shelter from the sun and a place to have a great Thai lunch if you so wish.....the food served there is superb and cheap!

So, this is a really great way to spend a day or two and you anglers are gonna love's amazing fishing!!!

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