Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Yan Nui Diving with Emma

Yan Nui is a small beach near Rawai and about 15 minutes away
from the house. We now have Val and Geoff; Sue and Steph
along with Clem (Wild Frontier) and Em.

Yesterday we started our first bit of diving with Clem and Em. We went to Yan Nui with Jai and Clem hurtling across the gap between the mainland and the nearby island to explore the excellent corals there.

I was under instructions to get Em 'Back into Diving' gently so that we could build up to a full blown offshore 3 dive day later in the holiday. Yan Nui is an ideal place to refresh your skills....and there's lots to see while you are doing it. There's also a couple of spots where there is usually some current which is another good thing to get used to.

Anyhow, as can be seen...there was no problem with Em...after 5 minutes she was in control and after ten minutes wandering around as if she'd never missed a day...

Some of our customers have never even put their heads under
water...not surprising considering how cold the sea is back home.
So, apart from Emma brushing up her skills, Val and I spent the part of the morning in a very big swimming pool close to the house
and Val learnt for the first time to get her head under water using
goggles. Whilst many would find that no big deal, it actually is if you've never done it before. Well, this opportunity to come to Thailand for your holiday should hopefully provide that chance for
a few 'first time. well done, Val

Here's Em back on the surface.
Nice to come up
into sunshine, eh???????

Roll on the next dive!!!

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