Friday, February 26, 2010

Shark Point and Koh Doc Mai

There's plenty of lovely coral reefs to dive to the south and south east of Phuket.

Emma joined Clem and I to dive two such coral reefs. The first is called Sharp Point with 3 pinnacles. Pinnacle 1 breaks the surface and pinacle 3 drops to 30 meters.

The pinnacles are crammed with life plus a few caves to explore........all very beautiful. Emma descibed here holiday in Thailand as being on permanent 'sensory overload'....and that is HOW it is. It's great to hear so many of our guests telling me that they have done many things for the very first time. That's EXACTLY why I wanted to set up this little provide a welcoming and friendly base from which you can explore Phuket and experience new things...

The corals are very colourful and there's fish life everywhere.

Here's a final shot of the young lovers...even 'down under' that Clem just can't stop romancing Em......ah, sweet eh?

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  1. Paul - you superstar - thanks so much for an absolutely superb holiday - such dedication to all your guests' very diverse needs is no mean feat - and you do it so well - Popeye and I had a ball,me particularily grateful for all the diving adventures after such an absence from the sport. Thanks Mr Paul. See you soon! Olive