Sunday, February 7, 2010

Mandy Takes to The Water

I know there are many of you out there reading about Gary and Mandy....along with Dawn and Lyn and now Steve and Graham who arrived this morning.

And so, all of you sceptics who wouldn't believe it could happen....I proudly present Mrs Mandy Chard who has completed her basic pool training and has dived not once but twice in the past three days!!

Mandy's first dive was at Kata Beach where we started at just one metre and gradually worked our way to 7 meters. The dive took a total of 37 minutes............and Mandy handled it very well indeed.

The seond dive was at Ya Nui Beach and went to 8 meters for 53 minutes. We had to fight a pretty strong current for part of this dive all of which Mandy again handled superbly.

I didn't take the camera as I thought I'd need to concentrate on Mandy's diving..but I didn't realise how well she'd do and so I wish I had taken the camera. We saw loads on this second dive including moray eels, sea snakes, clown fish, fusiliers etc etc and as a real bonus 6 Harlequin Shrimps. Like many of us I have spent lots of money going out to distant islands and reefs and have rarely spotted these colour shrimps...and there they were in just 4 meters tucked up in a very densely packed coral was a great thrill for both of us....typical I didn't have the camera.

Now the husbands are here, we have a megga packed week of activites kicking off with Sea Kayaking tomorrow with the famous John Grey Kayaking's gonna be great!!

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