Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Phuket Fishing Park

The Freshwater lads are coming here in March so today I teamed up with Captain John from Sweden who runs Adventure Fishing trips all over the world to try out a lake about 30 minutes drive away from the house.

I didn't really know what to expect. I know very little about freshwater fishing but I do listen to lots of people here raving about the great big fish that live in the lakes.

We fished for two hours......we lost lots of fish due to our inexperience but we did all land one each.....you experienced Freshwater anglers will have to tell me what species we caught...I do not have a clue!!!

What I do know is that it was very exciting and I intend to spend the whole day there at the next opportunity. This is going to be another very enjoyable experience to add to your holiday in Thailand.

Cost for the day is £30. This includes rod hire, bait and fishing. It's £10 less if you have your own tackle. There are shaded shelters around the lake and a restaurant on site. You can order up lunch or whatever and it will be bought to you..........great service, lovely people and brilliant fishing!!!!

Yep.....and even I caught one...whatever it is.

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