Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sunsets .....

Everyone has to take sunset photo's when on holiday. There's a headland about 5 miles away from the house called Promthep Point. Every evening the place gets busy...sometimes packed...with tourists and locals arriving for the daily ritual of the sun going down.
There's a 'temple' up on the point so time for a few prayers before the sun sets and there's a lighthouse with some information about the Father of the Thai Navy a bit of culture...a bit of history and of course the sunset.
Now as so many of you are coming to Thailand I know you are expecting me to provide even more information so you can impress the locals....
The 'temple' has lots of elephants. Thai's like elephants. As you all knw there are three main Hindu Gods...Vishnu, Brahma, and Shiva. Brahma is the four faced God and is called Pra Pom in Thai. The temple features him. Ganesh (the elephant god), called Pra Kinnet in Thai, is the son of Shiva and the god of learning, memory, the arts........and a few more things.
Sunset..............inThai is Athid (the sun) doc (setting) talay (the sea). So, Athid doc talay.
Wow....ain't you gonna be impressive wandering around displaying your knowledge when I take you there.
What IS nice is that when there is a great sunset, it's really appreciated and there's applause and cheering for the end of a good day.....and no doubt the start of a good night o come!!!!!

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