Saturday, January 16, 2010

DIVING...Saturday 16th.

There is one particularly beautiful inshore coral reef in Phuket which is easily accessible from the shore.

Kata Beach is a 15 minute drive away from the house. We take the freshly filled scuba tanks and all the necessary gear to the beach; get suited up and waddle across the sand into the sea....

With inflated BCD's we paddle gentle out to sea for about 10 minutes into an area roped off to keep the whole reef clear of longtail boats, jet skies, speedboats and general mad people.

Dropping down 7 metres, the first fish we swim through are baracuda with juvenile lionfish on the sandy seabed beneath them. The sandy seabed is ideal for beginners to gain balance and control before we move onto the coral reef itself.

Sometimes there are very large (and harmless) jellyfish drifting by. They make a fine sight and good material for photography. The whole reef is excellent for photography with stacks of fish to photograph in good light at a maximum of 10 metres.

Here Jeff, staying with us for 2 weeks, is practicing buoyancy control with the Fin Pivot exercise.

Once good control is established (essential if you'd like to try some
photography) the diver can level off into an energy saving position
with hands free diving. Jeff now has the skills necessary to try photography on our next outing.....

A solitary lionfish glides by towards the reef.......

It's always a challenge to get a good close up of a fish without spooking it or nose diving yourself into the seabed.

My little group of divers is expanding. I now have two charming Air Asia hostesses, the Phuket Nature Home Site Foreman and our local mechanic all learning. Next Wednesday we are joined by Graham from Weymouth who is keen to learn plus Captain John, a fellow skipper running a boat out of Dubai and here for a couple of weeks to try scuba.

I like the bartering approach preferred by the Thais. The lessons are for free and for friendship and sharing my love of diving but Thais love to 'return the favour'. Thus I have 2 open tickets to Hong Hong presented to me; Jai's car has had a free service and my front gate and wall has been repaired....

Last night Gae (Offshore Rebel Thailand's glamorous Managing Director) took all of us to the Timber Shack in Phuket Town. This is an excellent night club featuring an outstanding Thai Rock band....we staggered back at 3am today so this morning's planned dive has been somewhat delayed......... report will follow once we have sobered up enough......

Bookings for the next 'season' are coming in now. Nov 2010...week 4 is booked; December 2010 is available; Jan 2011 is booked for weeks 2 and 3. There is one room available week 4. Feb 2011 is fully booked. March 2011 is booked weeks 1 and 2. Weeks 3 and 4 qare available. April 2011 is available. Because of the low interest rates is UK the house rental prices will remain the same as set up in 2008. BUT, due to new car rental rules in Phuket, I cannot offer a car...customers must now rent through the various car rentals available here. (But I can help with all this).

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