Saturday, January 16, 2010


I keep banging on about diving but the snorkling is excellent here. We have several beaches with very gentle sandy bottom. This is good if you are out of practice with your snorkling and need to build up confidence in shallow water with no nasty rocks to step on.

Once the confidence is there .....the sandy bays are surrounded by rocky shoreline which are full of fish.....plenty to see. And then a lovely sandy beach to flop down on and top up that tan....
If you'd like to know more about booking the house or a room between Nov and April each year please email me direct The house is available between May and October but that is the rainy season. It may be though that this would be appealing...certainly the rental in much cheaper at £300 per week or £900 for the month (water/electric/air conditioning bills are added on to this).

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