Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The new season's adventures begin.

Aha.....the Thai Blog for this winter's season begins here today. It's been a bit of a time to get going as  there was quite a lot of house type stuff and paperwork to sort out this year....but now all is in order and our first team of six explorers and adventurers is ready to go.

We leave for Mike Bailey's Exotic Fishing Thailand tomorrow, Dec 9th, hoping for arapaima, carp and catfish along with any of the other 60 different specices Mike has stocked the lake with. You may know, via Facebook, that the world record catfish of well over 300lb has just been landed at Exotic Fishing. I bet that was a struggle!!

Please take a look at the link below to give an update on what is  currently happening at the fishery.


 On Saturday 11th we head off to the north for what promises to be a real adventure. Travelling at 20 knots on a longtailboat from the Khao Sok Ratchaprapa Dam, we are speeding 60 miles north west into the deepest and least visited part of the lake which is actually a massive flooded valley with stunning scenery.

We are in search of wild snakehead and we have hired a highly rated Thai guide to lead us to the fish.

What a prospect of adventure!!

Google Khao Sok Racthapara Dam and take a look at the maps....exciting or what!

We shall be far from technolgy and signals so I will attempt to write it all up next Monday 14th when we return to Phuket.

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