Saturday, December 26, 2015

Team Rebel obliterates Local Challenge with ease!

Today, feeling terribly homesick for the traditions of Xmas and the crisp, snowy weather of our beloved country our current guests decided we should uphold the important sporting customs associated with Boxing Day. Being such a team of talented anglers it made sense that fishing should be our elected sport for the day and that we should pit our talents against those who live here without fear of their obvious advantage of fishing on their Home Ground.
We faced a mixed teams of Americans, Canadians, Russians, Australiand and of course Thai but, within seconds, two of our 'chaps', Kannika Chokchai and Steve Thorne, were into hard fighting fish!
First catch went to Steve Thorne with the first of many manic Pacu brought to the nets throughout the day
Our rising star, Kaniika, presents her first fish of the day with a good catfish.

Ever dependable, Mark Butland shows off one of his catfish.

Pacu chomp through the tracelines with ease. Lake guide, Khun Ti Nung, shows Kannika Chokchai a better hook knot to prevent this happening.
It worked!! Next fish....a Pacu!!

And followed by a nice Siamese carp....the team were going great guns.

Mark Butland added to the variety with a Hovens carp....

And what with our latest addition to the team, England International, Dave Lovelock, what chance did the opposition have??
Note the calm assurance of the consumate competitive angler

Dave Lovelock with a lively Pacu

Star of the show, Steve Thorne, who caught non-stop throughout the day totalling 31 fish!!!!....Steve also caught the best fish of the event with a Siamese carp, best of eight carp,  estimated at a very impressive 25kg

And Mark Butland again with the day's best Pacu.

The fishing at Phuket Park was once again non-stop with plenty of variety. The team caught Redtail cats, Mekong cats, Asian Redtails, Amazon Redtails, Grass carp, Siamese Carp and Pacu.
Such was the team's total command of the lake that the opposition crumbled and then started to fade away so that by 1300 hours, opposition towels had been thrown in and defeat admitted....leaving our chaps to carry on regardless throughout the heat of the afternoon catching even more fish just for the sheer pleasure of it! 

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