Thursday, March 3, 2011

Graham and Jean arrive...

And now we have two new guests, golfing buddies of Graham and June. They are Graham and Jean. Jean is the sister of Paul know of 'Sauders and Wilson' Fish Merchants. It's now just Paul and I understand Paul's Property Empire has grown to include owning most of Fortuneswell in Portland. So all of us who have landed fish to him in the past will be glad to know our labours at sea, battling the Race to get a few bass, have not been in vain.
Here's Jean and Graham having their first welcome drink....down at the the sunshine...And it's great for me to have Jean about as we can converse in a proper Dorset accent; not this silly broken Thai gibberish. Oooohhh Arrr, my loverly.

It's clear who wears the trousers in this's Graham happily pushing the shopping trolley on their first exciting expedition to Tesco Lotus.

Golfing in Phuket is extremely popular and for the next week or so this Blog will be featuring golf. I know nothing about golf so this is a whole new world and a totally alien vocabulary to me. Two rounds of golf have already been played on two different golf courses and I shall be using the golfing quartet's own views to describe what the courses are like in the next Blog.
I have learnt quite a bit about golf already though. I have observed that a game requires at least two hours' preparation before leaving the house. There appears to be a strict ritual where couples go up and down the stairs a lot of times to gather a whole stack of equipment and then change the mind and take it back again...and then change the mind again and go and retrieve it. Changes of clothes, towels, various forms of make-up, bottles of water, white socks...etc etc etc. And it's very impressive to see how smartly a golfer dresses.....correct footwear, dinky little gloves...properly ironed shorts and shirt. I am impressed.
And each game also seems to requires an evening of discussion about tactics and who is going to win followed by an evening meal in which the tactics of the game just played are discussed and disputes over who did actually win are voiced.
It's amazing just how much can be said on the subject of the balls. I'm trying to work out how many words per hole a Lady Golfer gets through. Taking into account the previous evening's discussions, the two hours morning preparation, the drive to the course, the Game itself and then the post match analysis, my conclusion is that your average Lady Golfer needs 19, 603 words per hole.
Thanks to Jean and June, I am also getting the low down on a load of gossip about the ladies at the Weymouth Golf Club. I'm pleased to hear so much about my old teaching mate Elaine Rockingham. It's good to know that she is still dancing....and that a game of golf with her involves Dancing round the Course.
I can see I have much to learn about this game and all that goes with it. This week is going to be plenty of fun!!!!

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