Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Golfing in Phuket

Golfing is a major part of many ex-Pats life here in Phuket and there are a number of golf courses to choose from.

Our quartet of Jean, June, Graham and Gram went off for their third game today.

As ever, I am intrigued by the number of times everyone has to go up and down the stairs to get stuff.....17 times today between them....which is only 4 times each (approx). I am told that this number may be far greater in Weymouth as there are so many weather variations to consider before finally leaving home for a round on the Golf Course. Therefore endless combinations of clothes and footwear, various items of make-up, hats, brollies/sunshades etc etc etc as well as the complexities of which irons/clubs to take have to be considered.

And the pre-match banter is clearly extremely important to psyche the players up. Today it was Lads v Lasses day....and the gals announced they were going to 'give the chaps a thrashing'. Quite a brutal game, this golf.

In Thailand, the players are provided with Caddies.....all charming and enthusiastic Thai ladies. At the last game, Graham (up to you to decide which Graham) was given his Caddy's phone number. On this occasion, Jean's charming little minx explained that she didn't have a boyfriend and wanted an English one....and could she come back to England in Jean's case.

I dunno, these Thai gals..............

Anyhow, here's a couple of shots provided by our roving photographer, June. Today's course has plenty of water all over it's a course where balls regularly disappear!!

I hope more of you who enjoy golf come on over to stay. It is advisable to bring your own clubs as hiring is about £25 per day. Many of the Aircraft Companies offer a special deal on transporting Sports would certainly be a way to keep the prices down as golf ain't cheap.

And who gave who 'the thrashing'??? The lads, of course.....spanked the gals. (I quite like this golfing vocabulary...has a certain suggestive 'Je ne sais quois' about it......

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