Tuesday, March 8, 2011

An Emotional Day for Jean.

It's been an emotional day for Jean.

We found The Jai hanging about at the top of the Big Buddha Mountain, admiring the view down to Little Kata Bay. Jean, used to the greys and more greys of Portland set against a backdrop of usually grey sky was so overcome by the colour and beauty of the scene that she had to leave....dabbing her eyes with her tissue.

This is the problem with Phuket's scenery....it cannot fail to bring a tear to the eyes.

And worse....the whole Big Buddha Temple, the colourful regalia, my imaginative explanations, June's bag fiddling technique...as you can see, it was all too much for Jean.....

And then we had to leave the Big Buddha Temple as it was time for we chaps to sink a few Singha's.....Jean didn't want to leave...but all good things must end.

Down to the nearest restaurant with a dramatic sea view.Fighting back the tears, Jean launched bravely into the restaurant's speciality, Minced Elephant Droppings (we were very near to the Elephant Trekking Centre). Laced with honey, they apparantly make a tasty dish.

And look at the effect on our Weymouth/Portland gal!! Suddenly the smiles were back...amazing the effect of a plateful of balls can have.

And talking of round things...take a look at what has been sent from the Chard establishment. As you know, Gary and Bert are obsessed with Ladyboys....this is the stuff of Fantasies for them....so, thanks Gary, for sharing this ...I know everyone is gonna love it!!!! (Altho' maybe not as much as you and Bertie).

Highlight this picture.....it will expand...then you can see the writing and the important bits. Happy Days......

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