Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Elephant Trekking

It's essential to have a ride on an elephant when you are here!!! Here we are at the Big Buddha elephant trekking centre. Everytime we drive up to the Big Buddha things change.....there's new restaurants, monkey show, viewpoints. Now there's a nice little place on stilts to have a drink before leaping onto your elephant for an hour's lumber through the jungle with views across Chalong Bay and up to the Big Buddha.

Not sure if Graham thinks he's in the Titanic movie or simply doesn't want Jean to get any attention so is doing his best to block her's no wonder she gets emotional!!

Here's our courageous quartet....meeting up in some previously undiscovered jungle clearing. Note the umbrella thoughtfully provided by June out of her handbag.
How do gals manage to stuff so much into their bags????

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