Sunday, January 26, 2014

Rod and John in Action

 Here we are again....back at the Phuket Fishing Park. Our status has risen...we have become local celebrities with our flashy new Grauvell sponsored tackle and our massively increased catch rate thanks to all the advice from the Thai guides. Our rods were kept pretty busy throughout the day with each fish attracting an ever increasing audience of  mainly Russian holiday makers who were having a day's fishing as part of their Phuket experience. Here's John bent into a very hard fighting mekong catfish.
 These fish have massive tails (caudal fins!) and provide a lengthy and exciting tussle. We kept commenting how great it would be to have seafish that fought like these catfish. I suppose the nearest we have back home is the tope, although the actual fight from each species is totally different. The cats make powerful steady runs compared to the tope's head shaking, fast run and surface churning action.
 Rod was our star man with 8 catfish coming to the net.
 Most of the catfish were in the 15lb-20lb range although John's best was estimated at 40lb.
 Ah..the satisfying bend of the rod as it reacts to a very nice......
...Siamese Carp. What beautifully marked fish these carp are.

Today is Sunday and our brave lads are out sea kayaking with John Grey today. Their programme includes penetrating four limestone karst formations (known as Hongs). This is achieved by waiting for the falling tide to reveal narrow caves whose entrances are usually just under water at high tide and then lying flat on your back and using your hands on the cave 'roof' to guide the kayaks towards the hollow interior. It's a great of the best trips on offer here in Phuket and the scenery of the Phan Gna region where the kayaking takes place is spectacular. It's the same amaxing scenery as found at Exotic Fishing Thailand which is in Phang Gna and Gillhams Fishery in Ao Nang, Krabi.

Our next fishing trip is on Thursday when we head back to Mike Bailey's Exotic Fishing Thailand and then we have a 4 day trip to Gillhams in early February with 3 more keen angling lads.

It's all fun and all part of a great holiday here.

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