Saturday, January 11, 2014

Steve Thorne cracks Phuket Lake

Phuket Fishing Park has fished really well since we arrived and has provided us with some terrific sport. We have learnt the required techniques from our Thai Guides and are now able to fish the lake on our own with some degree of confidence and success.

I was unable to accompany Steve on his final visit for this holiday as I was running around after our new he and Janey as his trusty netswoman and gillie took on the Phuket Park fish on their own. What a courageous couple!

Steve had an amazing day. Using two rods he experienced non stop action from the moment he arrived landing 15 fish with a good variety of species. Here he is with a mekong catfish...
And another sort of catfish with gurt whiskers and a reddish tail. I shall await my friend Mike Bailey of EFT to assist me with identification!!!
And, shortly after Steve landed this excellent and hard fighting pacu.
And another nice catfish...
...followed by another carp.

Steve told me before he left for UK a couple of days ago that he has enjoyed the best fishing of his life...and as he is an experienced and regular angler that just shows what terrific fishing Thailand offers....and we are just scraping the surface of what is on offer really. But with visits to Gillhams at Ao Nang in Krabi in December, Exotic Fishing Thailand in Phang Gna in January and Phuket Fishing Park (in Phuket!) we have seen and caught some truly amazing fish. The highlight for Steve was undoubtably the 60lb Arapaima caught at EFT. Steve was delighted to be amongst those anglers who have caught a fish OVER a 100lb from freshwater which is a pretty amazing achievement.

Needless to say Steve has booked one of the house rooms for another month next year December into Januar) with have Richard and Mark who were here plus Mandy and we are already very busy next year!!!! Because of the demand we will be offering November 2014 this year in addition to our 4 usual months. I will not be here as I will be bassing in Weymnouth but I can arrange everything to make life easy for you and Jai will here to look after the house and run things. There are a few gaps in January and late March 2015 but if you want to sample some of this amazing fishing (and diving) and the many other delights on offer, then please don't delay in contacting me as we will be full again.

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