Thursday, December 23, 2010

Steve and Janey arrived at 0130 today.....I enjoy waiting at the airport! They'd taken 20 hours to get here what with the various diversions because of conditions at Heathrow.
As they were (and still are) on UK time zone 0130 = 0630 = time for a beer.
We arrived in Chalong at 0315 and yes, the bars were still open as they have to close by law at 0200. (Well, you figure it out!). Several beers later we finally arrived at the house as the sun was coming up. Jai had already left taking guests to Krabi to absail down some cliffs into a Cave or summat equally daft......and Keith??? Well, Keith emerged at about midday with another representative of the Thailand International Inter-Harmony group. Her name is Bla which i s Thai for 'fish'. Well, we're all anglers, ain't we??
And now we are off to Rawai for dinner by the sea!!!

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