Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Rain Abates...Phuket avoids floods at last minute.
Thank goodness Keith has arrived....and bought the sun with him. Up until 3 days ago we were experiencing very heavy rain...unheard of in Phuket in December! But now, sun every day. The effects of the rain can be seen in the lagoon....brown water bought down from the surround Naga Hills!!
Here's pic of Keith's new friend for today. Her name is 'Thong'. Look, I don't make these names up!!!
Tonight we are off to a new restaurant opened nearby. It's one of those MK things where the cooking utensils are put on the table along with all the things chosen from the menu. And the customer does the cooking!
Should be a right laugh with Jai and Bla doing the cooking? Bla?? Who's Bla? Ah, well that's Keith's friend from 2 days ago...she's coming with us 'cos she is a better cook than Thong. Confused??? Imagine what it's like for keith!
Enjoy the snow everyone.....tomorrow 0100 Steve and Janey arrive from Seoul, South Korea. They managed to get out of Heathrow and taken a very entertaining route around the globe to get to sunny Phuket. I believe it's only taken them 63 hours to get here....should've walked...quicker.

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